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How I can help

I'm an ADHD specialist and health nerd with a diploma and letters beside my name that say that I'm a “Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach”. Rather than direct coaching, I prefer to educate through creating programs and resource materials, although I do occassionally coach individuals. My goal is to help you find your health and wellness, whatever it takes to optimize your life.


My signature ADHD program is called PRIMED™. It is a six-pillar mind-body balancing system based on the lifestyle and methods that I have used to manage my own ADHD and which I fine-tuned with clients and focus groups. My approach uses simple, manageable lifestyle adjustments that will make a lasting impact. You don't need to be diagnosed with ADHD  – or even have ADHD – in order to benefit.  Even “neurotypical” people can benefit.

My mission is to help you alleviate your symptoms through self-empowerment tools. I want to help you reclaim your life.

In the rare case that  I do accept you as a client: Together, we'll work to find a lifestyle that works for you. Over the time that you and I work together, we will make adjustments to your personalized plan as needed.

Some resources to get you going

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What's the difference between ADHD and ADD? Is there a difference? Here's my answer.

“I am not neurotypical”

“I am not neurotypical”

Humans use labels to make sense of the world. Here are my thoughts about referring to people as “neurotypical” and “atypical”.

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About Andrea

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach &
ADHD Coach

As a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, I've studied the science of nutrition, the psychology of nutrition, the spirituality of nutrition, and coaching skills. I stay educated by immersing myself in research studies, books and other educational materials. I listen to expert podcasts & interviews and watch videos. I attend training.

Diagnosed with ADHD when I was in my early 20s, I treated it by implementing lifestyle changes. After getting certified as a coach, I created a system to help others do the same. The system works with or without medication – though your mileage may vary.

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