I'm Andrea

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
for adults with ADHD

My Program

ADD/ADHD is my #1 specialty but depression, dementia and Alzheimer's are also in my wheelhouse.

My signature ADHD program, based on what I call the PRIMED approach, is comprised of a three-phase approach:


1. Intake Call

In which I get to know you and start to find where and how you need help.


2. Strategy session

In the Strategy session, I provide a customized program designed for your individual needs.

3. Accountability calls

Available as packages.

Interested in working with me? My program is currently being tested with a small select number of people. Contact me for more information.

About Me

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) helping people alleviate their brain health issues through self-empowerment tools.

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