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I’m Andrea Toole, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) and I want to help you take back your life. In the early 2000s, when I was in my early 20s, I was diagnosed with ADHD. A book about ADHD and nutrition was recommended to me and I implemented the changes suggested in the book. I worked the program. Within 2 months I experienced significant changes.

For years I've been a wellness nerd and writer and I have several healers in my family (some medical doctors, some therapists and coaches). I pursued a “health coach” designation online so that I'd have letters beside my name when I wrote about wellness, but I eventually realized that it's not the letters that matter, it's the content. Obviously, some designations carry weight, but you still need to learn about the person behind the designation because they might or might not be the person to help you.

Doctors aren't always right, and neither is the celebrity that calls themselves an “expert”. Furthermore, we are all our own experts. We know our bodies best, but we need help and guidance. We need information to help us intuitively decide.

We might disagree, and that's okay.

I heard this on a Netflix drama recently (as of the umpteenth update of this page): 

People believe whatever supports their worldview 

I agree 100%. They also read whatever supports their worldview. It's called “confirmation bias”.

I also feel fortunate that over the years, I've been flexible enough to change my mind. I believe in questioning everything. Experts know as much as they're educated to know. That's why I'm in a unique position to people.

The Family Business, or How I inherited my passion for healthy living

An integral part of my story is my history. As I said above, I have several healers in my family. I grew up in and around the medical profession and with healers around me. Healing is ingrained in me. That’s where it starts. It’s part of my inspiration to be a healer. In an earlier version of this About Me page, I put my story on a whole other page.

My Path to Healer

Although it's the family business, healing has always been in my nature. I'm a nurturer. I want to take care of people.

I've always known that I want to help people. One of my first answers ever to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was “doctor”. I had no sense of the process or education involved, but I liked the idea of helping people feel better. When I was 7, I thought, “Doctors help people”. In high school, I thought I wanted to become a lawyer to help people. The mere idea of taking the LSATs sent me into a panic, so I kiboshed that idea.

Me in high school, 1992.

Me in high school, 1992. (Scanned photo because digital photography didn't exist yet.)

My ADHD Experience

Or, “Hey, what qualifies YOU to be an ADHD coach? You don't have an ADHD coaching degree!”

I've lived it. That's what.

A diagnosis as an adult gave me an aha moment. A book recommendation changed my life.

With ADHD and bouts of depression, my brain health is a constant challenge, and I need to stay on top of it.

For years I actually forgot that I had mental health challenges. My symptoms lay mostly dormant, or I was used to them.

As a new health coach, I didn't think I had personal experience to use as an area of expertise. I felt a bit inadequate in this way because it seems like most credible coaches have a “how I healed myself” story that led to an epiphany that took them by the hand and led them to their new path. Their experience makes them credible and relatable.

I forgot that I had that story. When my ADHD symptoms flared up in 2017, and the Depression Monster returned for me at the same time (it was the same trigger for both), my “niche” became clear to me. I knew that I had to help people the way I'd helped myself. Helping is my role in life.

Seeing clients has never been a strong desire. Helping people has. I've taken a break from seeking clients, but if you would like to work with me let me know. It's not as if I can't executive my coaching packages, and one of my mottos is “never say never”. If the energy seems right and my intuition is telling me to go for it, I'll go for it.

The term “coach” means many things. I don't have to be seeing clients in order to guide people any more than a “chef” has to be actively cooking in a kitchen in order to call themselves that. We all have our gifts, strengths and desires. 

How I can help you

I help people with ADHD empower themselves to alleviate their brain health issues so that they can live life with more ease and joy.

  • Learn to love your brain.
  • Identify imbalances and fix them.

You shouldn’t be your own enemy. You and your brain need to be friends. You need to love your brain.

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