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Finding Health & Wellness connects people with online health & wellness information and to resources.

Whether you're looking to find health and wellness or are simply a nerdy type like me, stick around. Hang out.


Freedom from information overload

If you want to cut through the clutter of information, or find it in the first place, you've come to the right place.

There are so many online health and wellness events called “summits”. They're like online conference with less interaction between attendees and they're open to all people. The internet is saturated with webinars, and group programs. These are fantastic resources that you might not know exist, nor do you know what to search for online. Some are good, some aren't so good.

With me as your guide through the world of online education and educational events, your world will open up.
Allow me to help you determine if a particular piece of education or information is for you. I can't tell you what you need, but I can help you figure it out for yourself.

If you've ever

…felt overwhelmed by the amount of information online…
…found yourself going down the rabbit hole of health and wellness related links….
…wanted to know more but need focused, curated content….
…been curious about trends in healthy lifestyle

I am your guide.

More than a directory, I am a resource. I am your curator. I satisfy your curiosity.

If you want to take ownership over your own health and wellness, you're in the right place.

Finding Health & Wellness is a destination to find information about health and wellness topics; It take a a holistic approach from different eating philosophies and lifestyles to exercise and spirit.
I strive to provide well-balanced, relevant information.

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