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Andrea Toole, Finding Health & WellnessCertified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC™)

Hi, I'm Andrea. I believe in helping people empower themselves with joy and ease to calm their brain health issues. ADD/ADHD is my #1 specialty but depression, dementia and Alzheimer's are also in my wheelhouse.

  • Learn to love your brain.
  • Identify imbalances and fix them.

You shouldn't be your own enemy. You and your brain need to be friends. You need to love your brain.

I work with you on a strategy to get you living in harmony.

Certified Transformational Nutritionist

People love a “How I healed myself” story…

It seems that every coach & nutritionist has a “How I healed myself” story. “Healed”? I'm a work in progress.

I have ADD and bouts of depression. My brain health is a constant challenge, and I need to stay on top of it.

I created the six-pillar PRIMED system for ADD management while working in a 9-5 day job that I felt miserable at from week 1. The PRIME system helps identify imbalances to bring them into balance. I realized that when these six things are being taken care of, I feel more whole, more with it, more productive, and happier. These six pillars aren't exhaustive, but six is a manageable number, and it creates a concise acronym.

I don't know if I'll ever be entirely “healed” but I have been without symptoms for a long time, and I'm aware when they return. I hope to help you too, using a combination of tools I've developed for myself and those I've learned.

ADD and Me

Some of the way I experience ADD/ADHD:

  • Sometimes I get headaches from focusing too hard.
  • I sometimes have trouble screening out sensory input, and it gives me anxiety. These are some of the ways that the auditory sense is the most intense for causing anxiety:
    • When more than one person is talking to me at the same time
    • Very low volume, such as on TV or radio, when it's a whisper
  • It sometimes takes me longer to learn easy things.
  • I crave routine.
  • I often need a checklist
  • Fluorescent lighting often makes me cranky or gives me headaches
  • Change can be overwhelming, and the idea of change can be even worse. Not to say that I'm inflexible or can't be spontaneous, but I get used to things.
  • If I don't have notes in front of me to use as a reference, I'm screwed. Except for tests, though I always did better on reports and essays.
  • I like playing games such as Whack-a-Mole or video games that require clicking on fast-moving objects because I enjoy the type of focus needed.


The Family Business, or How I inherited my passion for healthy living

An integral part of my story is my history. I grew up in and around the medical profession and with healers around me.  Healing is ingrained in me.

Here's an early memory:

I'm perhaps four years' old. Maybe 5. I'm sitting on my mother's lap in a chair in my grandparents' kitchen. In one hand I'm holding a bowl of sugar. I'm moving my hands up and down, like balancing scales, as instructed by my aunt who was visiting from her home in Sherman Oaks, California. At the time I was aware that it had something to do with the fact that I was still peeing the bed at night (this is how I'm estimating my age – I stopped when I was 6). Several years later I learned that she was testing me for sugar sensitivity, which may have been related to the bed wetting.

My maternal grandfather was a doctor. When I was sick, he'd come over, or I'd go to his house. His black bag always had the tools to diagnose my earache or my sore throat. I'm over 40 now, but I distinctively remember sticking out my tongue so that he could look at my tonsils with his light scope and him changing the bit on the end so that he could see in my ears.

That's where it starts.

Food philosophy

I am an advocate of healthy eating and healthy living.

I believe in eating real food. Not all processed food is bad nor are all ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Some additives that sound dangerous aren't.

Some items that are considered “food” shouldn't be. Putting it in your mouth doesn't make it food.

I also believe that there is no one perfect diet. Everyone's needs are different. Need change throughout one's life. I've seen and heard about raw vegans go paleo.

We can all agree on a lot of what is uniformly bad.

Life Philosophy

Here are some quotes to illustrate:
“I don't believe faith and reason are natural enemies. I believe our human desire for certainty and our often-desperate need to ‘ be right' have led to this false dichotomy.” -Brene Brown, Rising Strong .

“NOBODY knows better than you what’s right for you. NOBODY….All that experts offer you is data for you to take into consideration. YOU are the centrifugal force that must filter, interpret, and give meaning to that data. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your mind will help you act on what you know….My guiding philosophy about any philosophy is: take what you want and leave the rest.” Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth.

Ready to talk?

Contact me about booking a free discovery session. I'm putting the finishing touches on a new intake form and program which will be available in spring 2018. It will likely involve a free discovery session, a strategy session to discuss a plan tailored to your needs, and weekly accountability calls – all via online teleconference.