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Affiliate Disclosure

Many of the links on findinghealthwellness.com are affiliate links, which means that I receive a commission from sales of products and services.

Affiliate sales are a deliberate part of the business model for this website. I'm making money doing what I love. Some people love teaching in a classroom, some love working with numbers, some love cooking for people, some sing, some love serving coffee to the caffeine-deprived masses. My passions lie in connecting people with information and resources, teaching through writing, and to fulfilling my own hunger for knowledge. It's pure in intention.

I feel that my role in life is that of “helper”, and helping though education is this business.

I understand if you feel icky about a site that's “selling” you stuff or if you cringe at the phrases “affiliate sales” and “multi-level marketing” (aka MLM). I've created this page and the following “Affiliate Code of Conduct” in order to reassure you. 

Affiliate Code of Conduct

Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Subjectivity.
(or “HITS”, if you like fun abbreviations.)

Please assume the following:

1. I vow to never promote something I don't believe in.

If I post an affiliate link to a product, it is something that I support and would recommend without an affiliate link.  All of the affiliate-based promotion I do is based on past experience with the product/service, the host or the participating experts.

2. I vow to always disclose when I'm given a complementary product or service to review.
(E.g. Review copies of books.)

Unless otherwise noted, all reviews are of items I have purchased myself without payment or compensation to me. Any payment, compensation or freebies will be disclosed up front.

3. I vow that if I use a product or service and am not 100% satisfied I will be honest about it.

 This includes products that are sent to me by companies. Giving me a free product won't guarantee a good review. It also doesn't guarantee that I'll write about it.

4. I vow that if I have a conflict of interest or bias, I will disclose it.

I include this point because I have friends and family who write books and create products. I might choose not to review their products at all, or I might post an honest review with a disclaimer about the potential bias.

5. I vow that where will be a screening process for any partnerships that I accept in the future.

This goes back to the point of not promoting products and services that I don't believe in, simply for the affiliate income. Too often I see people promoting services they've never used, and everyone jumping on the same affiliate program bandwagon. One of my favourite products is one from a company that made the decision not to have an affiliate program because they wanted to ensure, as much as possible, unbiased reviews from users.

My priority is to provide valuable information and resources to help you create positive changes in your life and I will only ever link to products or resources (affiliate or otherwise) that fit within this purpose.

I do not expect you to buy every single product that I promote, only those that resonate. It might be one, it might be 5.

One final note:

I am not responsible if you're not satisfied with something you buy from the site.

This includes products and services. Everyone's experience is different. For example, the lavender oil that works on one of my ailments might not work on yours. The lecture that I find fascinating might bore you. Feel free to take it up with source company/individual or leave a review somewhere. You can also respectfully comment where available on this site.


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