I’ve known of many spirit/spirituality experts. I’ve read many books and have been reading the books since I was in my early teens, at least, reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior (1980) by Dan Millman and his follow-up, The Journey of Socrates (2005). However, until the I read the synopsis of her interview on The Hay House World Summit I had never heard of Rebecca Campbell. Here is the interview’s description:

Do you devour books, videos, and seminars on spiritual topics in private, while not showing any signs of your spiritual side to your friends, family, and colleagues? Are you strongly drawn to spiritual development, yet have an irrational fear of getting “too into” it and find excuses to stop yourself from exploring it more deeply? If you’ve answered “yes,” you may be hiding in a spiritual closet. In this highly inspiring interview, Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is the New Black, shares her journey of “coming out of the closet” and answering her soul’s calling—and she explains how you can do the same. Previously an advertising executive and now a spiritual mentor, Rebecca speaks about the challenging phases many spiritual seekers go through: ignoring the voice within, hiding our spiritual beliefs from others, turning our backs on spirituality altogether, going through a “dark night of the soul,” and finally letting life crack us open. If you’re insatiably curious yet hesitatingly dubious about your soul’s purpose, this interview may just contain the message you’ve been waiting for.

Yes! I do devour those books, in semi-private. My family encourages it. My mother used to brag to her friends and colleagues that I could see auras (I had to ask her to stop because it made me feel like a freak – and it’s not as if I could see colours, I can see auras when I concentrate). But friends and colleagues… there seems to be a freeing moment when you realize that a friend shares beliefs with you and in having a good discussion.

Earlier this week one of the dog owners at my dog park, a veterinarian and new mom, shared a story of when one of her clients, a medium, told her something that connected a dead relative and the new baby. The medium knew that if she stuck around her messengers would keep talking. For some people, spirit guides/messengers are constantly chattering away. The sharing of this story got the conversation started with slight hesitation. Such conversations are often begun with hesitation. We talked about how children are particularly intuitive and in touch with the spiritual realm and I commented that we’re taught that we’re crazy and that we should suppress that side of us, and so many of us lose touch with it completely. I’m back on the spiritual train recently, so this resonates.

After listening to the interview I tweeted this:

[Seriously, I love Aussie accents. Some of the guided meditations I like best are those spoken by Aussie’s. I lingered at the dog park yesterday because there was an Australian man… with a puppy. With his voice, I’d stick around while he read the phone book.]

Back to Rebecca Campbell, I pre-ordered her book, Light is the New Black, from Amazon (release date July 6).

On her website, Campbell says this about her spiritual practice:

When it came to spiritual practice I used to be a total dabbler. I threw myself into loads of different practices, but I’d often feel overwhelmed with all of the options and things that I “could” or “should” be doing. Meditating, cutting cords, intuitive dancing, morning paging, artist dating, mandala making, affirming, eft’ing, journaling, yoga, channeled writing, chanting, standing on my head while singing…you name it I gave it a whirl. The list was never ending; it felt like I needed a whole extra life to get it all done. And because I didn’t have a solid routine of showing up every day, when I had a super crappy or busy day, my spiritual practice was the first thing to fall to the side. The bonkers thing was that the days I let my practice slide were always the days that I needed it the most.

And this is me! I’m a dabbler! The options overwhelm me.

I choose mornings to meditate because, waking up, I’m already in a relaxed state and later in the day life happens and it’s harder to get into an evening routine. Some mornings I pick something from my playlist on YouTube. Other times I flip open my Kindle edition of May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein and choose a random page. Sometimes, as Gabby advises, I ask, “What miracles would you have me perform today?” A medium/intuitive/coach that I recently spoke to suggested that I ask, “Whom can I serve today?” upon waking up.

I’ve done audio meditations to audio on iTunes. I’ve done YouTube videos. I’ve done kundalini yoga (essentially, meditation). I’ve tapped (EFT). I’ve journaled. I’ve never stood on my head while singing but give it time. I seem to fall off that wagon when my life becomes stable and routine, and return to it in times of instability or chaos (such as leaving a regular job with a constant income to launch this site, which I hope will make money by selling other people’s products – please buy the products).

Some mornings I wake up KNOWING which meditation I need that day, like when I wake up with Ong Namo or Wahe Guru in my head. One I’ve done often is Wake up and go in the morning – a 10 minute guided meditation. There’s a PM version, which I like less.

When my budget opens up I’m going to Get More Gabby. On the GMG sales page Gabby asks, “Do you have a stack of self-help books next to your bed? Do you stay up late reading about personal growth, writing in your journal and sitting in meditation?” Not completely but kind of.

I get it. I’m a dabbler. Dabbling is one of the things that lead to this website.

And I needed to say it, even though I haven’t launched this site yet and no one will see this until it’s been published for awhile. I needed to share the gift that is Rebecca Campbell.

Thank you for reading.

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