On Health Experts & Credibility

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes In this article, I consider why I consider some experts more credible than others, regardless of their credentials.

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An Ode to Bagels

Oh, grain-free bagels. Where have you been my whole life? These photos show what I ate after work last night: I've been eating a diet high in...

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Anyone Can Change a Life

Sometimes people drop into your life to help you Oh boy, another blog post inspired by the monologue ramblings of one Marc Maron in his podcast. WTF, WTF? I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, but for some reason, it’s been resonating with me in new ways...

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On Discomfort, again

(Originally posted to Medium.) “I’ve learned to be comfortable with discomfort.” Funny how themes keep coming up in one’s life. Earlier this week I realized that I was three episodes behind on Marc Maron’s podcast and that fellow Toronto Jew Howie Mandel was the first...

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