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The reason I created this page

This page was written to accompany a newsletter I sent out in March 2018 as well as the Affiliate Disclosure. It was written on March 14, 2018.

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I ONLY promote what I believe in

My website has a calendar of events that I've decided to affiliate with. My newsletter mentions a lot fewer. I encourage people to pick and choose what resonates with them rather than letting the volume overwhelm them. I have zero expectation that you'll sign up for any or all. My goal is to connect you with resources. If you're not into what I'm promoting a certain week, stick around because eventually you'll connect with something.

What's great about online events…

They're free during event week, and then there is the option (no obligation) to purchase them for lifetime access. Usually, I'm an affiliate of these events and therefore make a bit of money for every package sold (read an example below). Often times the purchased versions include transcripts, which can be read on any device. They also tend to include hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses in addition to those transcripts, transcripts that cost time and money to create. Bonuses can include free products and services.

In April 2016, back when the mission of my website was to promote events, I wrote a blog post called Summit Insider: 5 Things You Might Not Know. It was created to be a transparent, no BS account of how these promotions work. It shared what I like and dislike about affiliate sales campaigns. Promoting these events to my readers is win-win, especially if you make the purchase: You get knowledge + resources for your wellness library with lifetime access (if you buy), and if you buy, I make some money, which helps me live.

On that note… One of the events that I promote, The Tapping World Summit, started bringing in some passive income simply based on a couple of mentions on my blog post, so I decided to try promoting it more heavily directly to my email list. The result: I made enough in commissions for one month of rent (on a house, in Toronto).

As I mentioned in a recent newsletter and post: EFT (tapping) IS a tool that I've been successfully using for around 20 years. It's helped me when I've felt stuck. It's helped me manifest good things.

Post date: March 16, 2018

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