The new Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

I’ve been using Young Living essential oils for many years. My mom was a distributor, then my sister became one. I finally signed up as a distributor several months ago rather than waiting to see family members to get “a little bit” or a spare bottle. I decided to stop “bumming” oils off others.

I’ve spent the last few months trying to find compromise between my appreciation of the quality and connection to the company with the fact that I’m not  a fan of the multi-level marketing model nor am I publicly allowed, by FDA rules, to tell people what ailments they’ve helped me with. I have several draft pages and posts on this website dedicated to the oils .

Other distributors get around it, but I’m stubborn. I want to speak my truth, damn it! And I don’t want to write what everyone else writes. It’s challenging to speak in your own, authentic voice when there’s only so much you’re allowed to sa. I want to be able to say that [oil name that has a word in it that resembles “pain”] helps me when I have cramps or that the oil of [a purple flower] helps my cuts heal faster. Like meds, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but the are a good addition to your arsenal of healing tools. That’s MY truth.

Young Living has recently changed their Premium Starter Kit. Because of a couple of oils in the blends going out of stock, Young Living decided to swap those bottles so that they wouldn’t have to delay shipping, the kits while waiting for new stock (that is, new oils to be made. ). It’s exciting, and this week you can save 10% on the new Premium Starter Kit. All orders until Sept 19th will receive an additional two bonus oils (bonus oils shipped separately after September 7th).


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