Fight-or-Flight to Inner Resilience

February 24, 2020 – April 6, 2020 all-day America/Toronto Timezone

From Fight-or-Flight to Inner Resilience

Experience how Energy Medicine Yoga heals, calms, and nurtures you

Are anxiety, stress, and trauma constants in your life?

If so — and you’re getting triggered often — you may be trapped in a perpetual fight-or-flight loop, rarely returning to optimal stasis and consistently taxing your nervous system and entire body.

When we don’t adequately release these difficult emotions, we may be building up stuck energies — what Energy Medicine Yoga teacher Lauren Walker calls emotional toxins.

You can discover simple techniques you can use — anywhere, anytime — to prevent or reverse the fight-or-flight response and bring your mind-body-spirit back into alignment, in a FREE video event,

From Fight-or-Flight to Inner Resilience: Energy Medicine Yoga to Release Stuck Energy & Heal Trauma, Anxiety, and Stress.

You can register here.

Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) is a simple practice that anyone can do, and its ability to help remedy everything from everyday stress and anxiety to major trauma symptoms — all through various practices that incorporate movement — is remarkably empowering and life-affirming.

During this experiential, healing hour, you’ll discover:

  • Energy Medicine Yoga as a holistic practice that anyone can do to release old traumas, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • The important part that the breath and your voice play in clearing emotional pain and other stuck energies from your system
  • How simple yoga poses — aligned with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Practice and coupled with the principles of the Chinese Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) — can help you transform difficult emotions into empowering ones
  • An easy but effective tool for quickly calming the fight-flight-freeze response and bringing your system back into alignment
  • A simple technique that uses your body’s “rescue points” to prevent or reverse a fight-flight-freeze response anywhere and anytime

 When you break the fight-or-flight loop, calm your anxiety, and clear the stuck energies of past traumas, you create an authentic path to wholeness, peace, and a deep enjoyment of life.

During this special hour with Lauren, you’ll learn simple Energy Medicine Yoga prescriptions you can use anytime and anywhere to shift your system out of stress overdrive and into a relaxing calm that can provide the foundation for a life of greater presence, more vibrant health, and more abundant joy.

Participate in this deeply healing hour. You can RSVP for free here: 

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