The Healing Medicine of Your Authentic Voice with Chloë Goodchild

May 13, 2020 @ 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm America/Toronto Timezone

Chloë Goodchild

Learn how your voice can unblock stuck energies and imbalances

Your voice is a natural healing medicine, the sonic vibration of your soul, and the very essence of who you are, echoing throughout eternity.

Pioneering voice teacher Chloë Goodchild calls this sound wisdom, our innate knowing that our true voice — once heard — can embody and express itself naturally, spontaneously, and without compromise.

Accessing the potent vibrational energy of your sound wisdom can elevate your emotions and boost your self-confidence, which in turn stabilizes your autonomic nervous system, empowering you to release fear, trauma, shame, and narratives that no longer serve you.

On Wednesday, May 13, Chloë will share her confidence-building vocal practices to help you transform difficult feelings and emotions into spontaneous musical expressions that open you to the deeper positive states beneath –– in a free video event: The Healing Medicine of Your Authentic Voice: 3 Sound Empowerments to Embrace Vulnerability, Release Blocked Energy & Transform Fear.

You can register here.

During this healing, heart-opening hour, you’ll: 

  • Release the illusion that you “can’t sing,” and discover your unique voice as the mouthpiece of your soul, a medicine for healing, and a catalyst for creative expression
  • Befriend and transform difficult emotions through an understanding of the homeopathic nature of vocalizing to clear stuck energies
  • Discover the role your authentic voice and sound can play in transforming the negative associations of being in isolation into the nourishing experience of being in solitude
  • Discover the essential connection between sound, your pineal gland, and your third eye
  • Learn how to witness your vocal sound without judgement — and find stillness within

Chloë guides us in using our voices to express, not to impress.

So, if you think you “can’t sing,” you’re invited to let go of this culturally imposed illusion to open to your unique, authentic sound — what Chloë calls the “messenger of your soul.”

During The Healing Medicine of Your Authentic Voice: 3 Sound Empowerments to Embrace Vulnerability, Release Blocked Energy & Transform Fear, you’ll experience your sound wisdom with a profoundly healing vocal practice — to release fear and anxiety, and discover the feelings of awe and love beneath.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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