My ADHD Experience

When I was around 20 years old (I’m in my 40s now) it was suggested to me by a medical professional that I had ADHD. I’d heard the word before and had vaguely considered it but at this point, it all suddenly became clear.

I first developed coping strategies in grade school, when I adapted to the behaviour of the people around me. I also developed studying strategies. Although I wasn’t the best student overall, I did ace some tests based on those strategies, and in grade 7 I got the best grade in the class on an assignment that I enjoyed a lot. This is when my teacher suggested that I consider a career in writing.

After my ADHD came to light, my aunt subsequently advised me to read the book The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution: A Drug-Free 30 Day Plan by Marcia Zimmerman.

Marcia Zimmerman ADD Nutrition SolutionIt changed my life.

I remember a moment after I’d been following the advice of the book for a month or two: I was in a job interview and held eye contact with the interviewer. This was a significant achievement for me. My life changed when I started on a regiment of essential fatty acids and started eating more fish (among other recommendations).

Along with ADD, I experience bouts of depression. My brain health is a constant challenge, and I need to stay on top of it.

My ADD and depression are worse when I’m not consuming enough fat. These days I eat based on a modified ketogenic diet. (I say “modified” because I focus on the principles without counting macronutrients and allow myself the occasional piece of cake or challah.)

I’ve seen people make amazing improvements after changing their diet and lifestyle. Medication comes with lots of side effects. They’re often incorrectly prescribed. Going off medication can either result in the condition returning, or side effects that mimic the symptoms of that condition. I won’t tell you to ditch the meds – that’s between you and your doctor – but I will work with you on strategies to feel your best.


In 2017 I created the six-pillar PRIMED system for ADD management while working in a 9-5 day job that I felt miserable at from week 1. The PRIME system helps identify imbalances to bring them into balance. I realized that when these six things are being taken care of, I feel more whole, more with it, more productive, and happier. These six pillars aren’t exhaustive, but six is a manageable number, and it creates a concise acronym.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be entirely “healed” but I have been without symptoms for a long time, and I’m aware when they return. I hope to help you too, using a combination of tools I’ve developed for myself and those I’ve learned.

It seems that every coach & nutritionist has a “How I healed myself” story. “Healed”? I’m a work in progress.

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