21 days to a happier tummy

This was originally posted to canadianfoodiegirl.com on December 2, 2014.

Did you know that 38% of all women between the ages of 25 and 65 experience digestive complaints?

If you know me well you know I’m a burper. Super burps. I can’t hold them in, I don’t know when they’re coming. Sometimes loud ones. I don’t mean to be rude, though it offends some people. I don’t know why it is rude to burp. It’s a body function meant to get rid of extra gas. As my late grandfather used to rhyme, “It’s better to belch and feel the shame than stop the belch and feel the pain.”

Yeah, I’ve got some intolerances. I discovered many years ago that when I stopped eating pasta I burped less. I eat pretty cleanly now and the burps mostly come when I’m drinking something carbonated, such as beer. I don’t consume soft drinks.

In November I participated in A. Vogel’s Molkosan® Berry 21 days to a happier tummy, a campaign for bloggers. The timing coincided with The Digestion Sessions, which seemed perfect, and I had the best intentions to follow both.

A. Vogel has often impressed me with their products. They’re the company behind Herbamare seasoning and Echinaforce, which I take when I have a cold. Molkosan Berry is supposed to help get rid of candida too, and candida and I are close.

I received two bottles of Molkosan Berry & a packet of PH strips. Those are always fun.



The first time I went to take the Molkosan Berry the glass bottle slipped from my hand and feel onto the tile floor. Thankfully there were two bottles.

There was a sticky mess to clean up. I still fear that I, my man or our dog will step on a piece of remaining glass.

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I took the Molkosan Berry daily. I did not watch the Digestion Sessions daily. I bought the Flash drive for the Sessions instead and intend to marathon the sessions when I get it.

What is Molkosan Berry and what are the benefits?

Molkosan Berry

  • is a unique lacto-fermented whey product made from organic fresh milk. Fats, sugars and proteins are extracted by centrifugation and ultra-filtration, leaving the whey (lactoserum) behind. The whey is then fermented.
  • supports the body’s natural acid/alkaline balance,
  • stimulates digestive enzymes to establish a proper digestive environment
  • promotes healthy intestinal flora
  • improves intestinal transit and reduce bloating
  • activates and regulate the metabolism
  • aids weight loss by reducing toxins in the body and regulating blood sugar levels (stabilize insulin levels)
  • improves lactose tolerance
  • provides an excellent source of minerals such as potassium and calcium
  • establishes a proper digestive pH environment, which helps to optimize the action of digestive enzymes

Taking Molkosan can help rebalance pH levels, thereby promoting the formation of healthy intestinal flora while eliminating harmful bacteria and parasites. In addition to restoring the intestinal pH to an appropriate level, Molkosan has positive effects on the entire body’s pH.

Tweet this: [bctt tweet=”#Molkosanberry establishes a proper digestive pH environment, which helps optimize the action of digestive enzymes

Molkosan contains pomegranate and Aronia Melanocarpa. Both are high in antioxidants (anthocyanidins) and anti-inflammatory properties. Aronia is also known as chokeberry and is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants.”]

I'm barely scratching the surface with this.

I took Molkosan Berry daily. Sometimes straight up – it was sweet and tart, sometimes in my morning lemon water, a tweet-tart Molosan Berry lemonade, sometimes in a smoothie. I made some excellent smoothies. See a recipe for one such smoothie below. I think it would be tasty in a salad dressing or in a soda if you own a soda maker such as a Soda Stream.

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Was my tummy happier?

You bet!

I really didn't expect it to work but just two weeks in I realized that my tummy actually was happier.

[And I can't seem to remember to add that extra O in the word. Molkosan. Like moccasin.]

Fewer farts, fewer burps. Days went by without either. Score!

The messaging they do around PH levels and acid/alkaline doesn't affect me much. I've never not been PH balanced when I've checked. (As I've said in other blog posts, I'm a candida anomaly.)

I did get sick with a cold, and is one sign that I've got yeast overgrowth, but it could be a die-off reaction.

Try this smoothie:

Blueberry-coconut smoothie

1/2 cup coconut milk (1/2 can)
1/2 c blueberries
1 tbsp flax powder (or ground flax seeds)
1 tbsp Molkosan Berry
2 scoops greens. (I've been using Genuine Health Fermented Greens)

Blend together. It was delicious. I tried it with coconut water the next day but it didn't taste nearly as good. Another time I dumped in too much flax and got pudding.

Another delicious smoothie I recently made used frozen mixed berries, hemp seeds, almond milk, raw honey, Molkosan Berry, vanilla powder and cinnamon. I find in smoothies proportions are more to taste than anything, though sometimes that gets me into trouble if I go too heavy on the whole greens (kale, spinach, etc.).

Do I recommend this product?

Yes! A. Vogel has never given me a product I wasn't impressed with – except for the bioSnacky® Original seed sprouter. That one didn't work out so well for me. Another friend blogged about liking it, though.

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You win some, you lose some.