The mission is not about meds vs. no meds.

New book about depression: A Mind of Your Own


If you’ve ever struggled with depression, Dr. Kelly Brogan’s new book, A Mind of Your Own could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Now Rated #1 on Amazon for Depression!

I’m excited to share with you that A Mind of Your Own: The Truth about Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives has cracked’s Top 100 books! And it’s all been done without a peep from mainstream media.

According to Dr. Kelly Brogan, use of antidepressants may permanently disable the body’s self-healing potential. The best way to heal the mind is to heal the whole body.

Dr. Brogan shatters the mythology conventional medicine has built around the causes and treatment of depression. That’s why this powerful message is being suppressed – it’s dangerous. By purchasing a copy of this book, you are helping to break the wall of silence that surrounds this controversial topic.

There are alternatives to the Big Pharma model, “1 pill = 1 ill”. You can do more than mask the symptoms of depression with pills – you can cure this illness at the source. Find out how to heal depression in 30 days with A Mind of Your Own.

I love this:

The mission is not about meds vs. no meds.

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P.S. You can read the first chapter for free right here. No obligation to buy. Try before you buy is my preference!

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