An Ode to Bagels

Oh, grain-free bagels. Where have you been my whole life? These photos show what I ate after work last night:

I've been eating a diet high in fat and low in sugar and refined carbs for the better part of two decades. It helps relieve my ADHD symptoms, and it's better for my digestion.

In the early 2000s, after I became aware of my ADHD and started reading about using nutrition to combat symptoms, I increased my fat consumption and my refined grain consumption. I was never a big fan of sweets, but over the years I would do the occasional “sugar detox”, and I'd also go through phases in which I consumed lots of “natural” sugar, such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses. I still think that all three are nutritionally beneficial and have their place.

For much of my adult life, I haven't been much of a sandwich person. Unless it's excellent bread, I see it as a vehicle for filling that can be eating without bread, thus allowing more room in my stomach for whatever would otherwise be between the slices.

I'm also sensitive to yeast in foods and beverage. Yeasty beers make me itch. Bread sometimes bloats me and makes me itch.

Bagels and I have a history

Bagels and I have a history. I'm Jewish. We Jews take our bagels seriously.

Also, I couldn't stop at eating just one fresh, warm bagel with its soft inside and (my preference), slightly crunchy outside. If you live in Toronto and you've ever had a fresh bagel from Gryfe's, you know what I'm talking about. (I'm also partial to What a Bagel).

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For the last couple of decades, I'd rarely buy bagels because I could eat 4-6 FRESH bagels in one sitting, so it was best if they weren't around. At gatherings where there were bagels, lox and cream cheese I packed as many as I could into my body.

This past summer when my partner joined the ketogenic diet world to lose weight and gain energy, I got stricter with my intake. It's way easier to eat a certain way when your partner is too. In years past when he made me dinner, my detox periods frustrated him. Now he's on board.

Last August I discovered that I was able to eat half a bagel and be satisfied. It shocked and pleased me. I will now happily eat one bagel occasionally and be satisfied.

Keto and me

A modified keto diet meets my low sugar, high fat, low refined carb needs for brain and mental health. Because of the keto trend, foods & recipes are available to me now that weren't in the early 2000s. This includes recipes for “fat head dough” (mozzarella and cream cheese melted together with other ingredients added), used for baked goods such as pizza crusts, bagels and rolls. My partner made a fat head pizza crust once and it didn't work out.

Years before that there were various gluten-free recipes. I've had a fantastic grain-free loaf bread in my repertoire for a long time, but it's got a lot of ingredients and I prefer recipes with fewer ingredients to buy and to make it all come together quickly.

The bagels I've been making, like the ones I've been posting photos of to Instagram, are a life-changer.

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Months ago I put my toaster in the garage. Earlier this week I welcomed it back into the kitchen.

Welcome back, old friend.

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