The Awesome Life Detox Returns!


I love this program, and I adore its facilitator, Meghan Telpner. I own several of her ebooks, both of her published books (physical copies!) and have done several of her programs. I went to some of her live workshops when she still held them. I always feel better after I do her programs and I constantly learn from her. She's an inspiration.

After more than a year, the Awesome Life Detox program is returning as a group challenge.

This isn't your regular green juice chugging detox. The focus of the detox is your health, your happiness and ultimately, how to live the most fulfilling, best (awesome) life possible! It's an overhaul of your life with a holistic approach rather than a simplified program that only deals with diet.

Here is a breakdown of the Awesome Life Detox:

  • The program is 10 days long.
  • This isn’t a detox that involves skin brushing, psyllium and green juice, unless you want it to.
  • Diet is not the focus (though you will have a binding contract with yourself that limits the crap you can eat).
  • This is, as the title suggests, a LIFE detox and each day of this detox we address an area of life that needs a little extra love and care.
  • The core focus is poking and prodding the nooks and crannies of our lives that need our attention.
  • These 10 days are going to be game-changing as we explore everything from the space we live in, the things we collect, the thoughts we think, our relationships with ourselves, our love for our feet (yep!), the art we create in our cubicles, and where our money goes each month. There’s more, too. And yes, all in 10 days.
  • Each day also includes a new practice to try on for size, focussing on a different area of our life, plus ongoing daily practices we can pick up if the feeling’s right.
  • The focus of the detox is your health, your happiness and ultimately, how to live the most fulfilling, awesome life possible
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Each day for the duration of the 10-day program explores a different area of our lives as follows:

  • Day 1 – Your Thoughts
  • Day 2 – Your Vision
  • Day 3 – Your UnDiet
  • Day 4 – Your Attachments
  • Day 5 – Your Space
  • Day 6 – Your Finances
  • Day 7 – Your Work
  • Day 8 – Your Relationships
  • Day 9 – Your Gratitude
  • Day 10 – Your Plan (for the rest of the year)

What's included in the Awesome Life Detox

  • 40 + page beautifully designed PDF guide that can be viewed online, saved to your device or printed for old-school hard copy highlighting and note taking.
  • 10 life-inspiring practices to take on each day of the program (and beyond).
  • 10+ coaching emails loaded with over 40 helpful/inspiring/awesome life resources.
  • Downloadable + printable Awesome Life templates to track your awesome living throughout the duration of the program (and beyond).
  • Mp3 recording of Awesome Life Visualization Practice.
  • Downloadable future life planning template with a checklist to help you keep your life rocking.
  • Coupon code to download a complimentary meal plan.
  • A private program group to connect with your fellow Awesome Lifers.
  • Our own hashtag to help all of us connect on social media (if we’re into it): #AwesomeLifeDetox
  • Ongoing access to all course materials

Want in?

Go here to choose your package. Three 3 are nearly identical except that two include The Fab Uplift Detox Program ($129 value) & one includes Credit for two $89 workshops or programs

After you register you'll be given instruction on how to get access to the private Facebook group. The private Facebook group is a great community.

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Please register here by June 30th.

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