• Intermittent Fasting

    empty plate Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent Fasting is something that I've been familiar with for years. Even before I heard the term, I was an intermittent faster. I didn't know it; I just preferred to eat when I was hungry, not when the clock told me that it was mealtime. I've always found it strange that “day jobs” are set up as 9-5 with lunch at noon, and as a culture – in North America, at least – we're trained to eat dinner around 6 or 7 pm with breakfast in the morning. For decades we were taught to eat three meals a day. Some…

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    The Holiday Food Shaming Begins

    One of my biggest pet peeves is the use of words such as "guilt" as a way to describe a feeling toward food and eating.

  • Keeping the Psoas on the QL

    I've been a fitness enthusiast since childhood but in my 40s have learned about the psoas and QL muscles. Here's why that's significant.

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    From Instagram: Appreciating My Body

    Because I posted a couple of photos to Instagram with a caption that was a little under 200-words, I thought I'd repurpose it as a blog post that's three times longer and given the Grammarly treatment (ignoring its “sentence fragment”…