• organika bone broth powders

    Organika Bone Broth Powders

    Have you tried bone broth protein powders? I recently bought two containers of Organika Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder and then returned to where I bought them and exchanged one of those for an Organika Chicken Brother Protein Powder.

  • The Old Collagen Try

    I've tried bovine (cow) sourced collagen from two Canadian companies, Sproos and Organika. Here's how they compare and what my preference is.

  • Collagen For Health

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and so we need to maintain collagen for health. Here's a primer with some of the benefis of collagen.

  • wonder woman power

    “I’m sick of being told ADD is a crutch.”

    Are you using ADHD as an excuse? Does anything think you are? Do you care what they think? If so, why? Acknowledging what you can control is liberating. Free yourself!

  • bookshop

    On Health Experts & Credibility

    In this article, I consider why I consider some experts more credible than others, regardless of their credentials.