• Almond Crusted Salmon

    Brain Food: Almond-Crusted Salmon

    It's rare that I post recipes on my website. It's also rare that I make food that I like so much that I feel I MUST share it with the world. This salmon dish is packed with brain-boosting nutrition.

  • my ayurveda routine - finding health & wellness

    My Ayurveda Morning Routine… Then & Now

    Back in February I had this idea: Start a new ayurvedic-based morning routine. Blog about it. Two months later, I am. My morning routine then and now.

  • The Most Popular Drugs in the World

    Two white powders: One bitter, one sweet, both highly addictive and fitting the definition of "drug". Both legal. Over 80% of people in the U.S. use one daily and over 90% of people worldwide use it regularly.

  • Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+

    Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+  is my new favourite product, from one of my favourite companies in the wellness industry. Let me back up a few months… In January, I attended an event that promoted Greens+ Extra Energy. My…

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