• on-discomfort

    On Discomfort, again

    (Originally posted to Medium.) “I’ve learned to be comfortable with discomfort.” Funny how themes keep coming up in one’s life. Earlier this week I realized that I was three episodes behind on Marc Maron’s podcast and that fellow Toronto Jew…

  • Yoga With Adriene

    On Allowing Discomfort

    I've got a cold, I feel like crap, but that's okay. I keep telling myself that we should allow ourselves discomfort because it's good for us.

  • vegetable broth

    Brain Food

    Expanding on my previous post, mostly from the perspective of the food we eat. This is a long post because there are a lot of related concepts. It discusses allergies, illness, candida and the food we eat.

  • Your Body Has Two Brains

    In which I talk about the "second brain", neurotransmitters, mood and food, and share some cool facts about the gut microbiome. Also, I make a reference to a movie from 1989.

  • neurodivergent

    …but I’m Neurodivergent

    An addendum to my previous post about the words "neurotypical" and "atypical". Words are important.