• Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Pudding Bites

    Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Pudding Bites

    Try this delicious mood-boosting, sugar-free, optionally dairy-free, super-nutritious smoothie that magically transforms into a hand-held snack.

  • Dairy-free Pumpkin Ice Cream

    Think about your favourite ice cream. Not your favourite flavours, but the ice cream itself. Who makes it? What makes it so good? In my opinion, a good ice cream has three components: A ton of fat Eggs Lots of…

  • Dairy Free Whipped Topping

    This dairy-free (vegan) whipped topping is so easy to make that it's not really a recipe. Keep a can of coconut milk on hand. I think I got the idea years ago from Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health.   Ingredients…