• bookshop

    On Health Experts & Credibility

    In this article, I consider why I consider some experts more credible than others, regardless of their credentials.

  • love-your-neighbour

    Anyone Can Change a Life

    Sometimes people drop into your life to help you Oh boy, another blog post inspired by the monologue ramblings of one Marc Maron in his podcast. WTF, WTF? I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, but for some reason, it’s…

  • January Thoughts

    Happy January! It's been a while but I wanted to come back in and see about this blogging this again. No "new year improvement" stuff here, just some brain dumping.

  • Events: On Now & Ending Soon

    1. The Heart Revolution – February 25-March 5. More than 60 doctors, scientists, and experts teach you how to prevent heart disease, heal from childhood trauma, recover from grief, release resentments and bring more health, love, laughter and peace into…