Medicinal Supplements Summit Day 3

Customize Supplements to Your Body’s Needs

Medicinal Supplements Summit Day 3

Today's Medicinal Supplements Summit discuss tips and tests you can take to customize supplements to your body’s needs. Take the guesswork out of choosing supplements!


I want to watch every single one today but don't have 5 hours. I barely have 2 hours. I'll buy it to watch after the free week. Right now it's only $59 to buy. The advantages of buying: Watching the presentations any time. Having them for my resources library. The bonus gifts in this one are awesome.

Today's Medicinal Supplements Summit experts:

Harry Massey, CEO of NES Health
Future of Supplements: Customization and Digitizing Biochemistry

  • Energy medicine and infoceuticals are the future of health
  • Using an NES Health scan to guide supplementation
  • “Hack” your energy systems to become supercharged

Website: NES Health

Sterling Hill, CEO of MTHFR Support
Genetic Defects and MTHFR

  • Using genetics to guide supplementation
  • 50% suffer MTHFR mutations (and what that means!)
  • Look at your DNA if you’re chronically ill!

Website: MTHFR Support 

Dietitian Cassie, RD
The Importance of Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

  • Distinguishing quality between various supplements
  • Top supplements for weight loss
  • Supplements everyone should be taking!

Website: Dietician Cassie

Dan Kalish, DC
Best Functional Medicine Tests to Customize Supplements

  • Determine the exact supplements your body needs!
  • Best lab test to determine one’s supplement needs
  • Optional lab tests to help customize supplements

Website: Kalish Wellness

David Nico, PhD, “Dr. Healthnut”
Proven Solution for Supplement Confusion

  • Tips to choose the right supplements
  • Top supplements everyone should be taking
  • Best superfoods to consume

Website: David Nico
Book: Diet Diagnosis

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