The Get Off Your Sugar Summit

March 23, 2020 – March 29, 2020 all-day America/Toronto Timezone

Get Off Your Sugar Summit In the last 100 years, sugar consumption has skyrocketed. Sugar alters brain chemistry and hijacks your health — causing craving and withdrawal symptoms, binging and weight gain.

Today, the average American consumes at least a half-pound of sugar per day (that's 130 pounds every year!) — directly contributing to the development of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cancer and other health problems.

The Get Off Your Sugar Summit could help you with:

  • Overcoming grain and sugar addiction
  • Dietary shifts to mitigate sugar's effects
  • Tips and techniques for making healthier decisions
  • Finding hidden sugars in everyday foods
  • Getting your kids off sugar
  • Transitioning from sugar burning to fat burning
  • Creating gut health
  • And more!


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