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Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+  is my new favourite product, from one of my favourite companies in the wellness industry.

Let me back up a few months…

In January, I attended an event that promoted Greens+ Extra Energy. My inner nutrition nerd was stimulated. While I was already an occasional Greens+ user, I fell in love with the company. I subsequently begged them to hire me. They haven't yet, but they still might when the right opportunity comes along. The post I wrote about that event is one of my favourite pieces of writing. I've since quoted this part to other people, regarding the taste of Greens+:

Your entire life you’ve been eating or drinking stuff that’s not delicious simply because it’s good for you. As an adult, you do it because you’re taking responsibility for your own health. Ideally, you’d like it, but if you can tolerate it without hating it, that’s good enough. You suck it up and you do it because it’s part of “adulting”.

I continue to be impressed with the scientific research that goes into Genuine Health products and how conscious they are to combine specific ingredients and specific formats. It's easy for companies to put together a bunch of inferior ingredients, or inferior parts of an ingredient (say, a less effective part of a plant) and call it a healthy formula, but quality matters.

And so, when I got the invitation for the launch of a new product, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I knew that I would be educated and fed. I got up early to go to a breakfast event promoting fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ at Mamakas Taverna (80 Ossington Ave, Toronto).

Here's a snippet of the information I got from Genuine Health's publicity company:

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Did you know that even when taking 25g of protein from your supplement, you are likely not absorbing a good portion of it? It all comes down to the state of your gut and how effectively the protein can be digested and absorbed by your body. The difference between good health and great health lies in the amplifying power of fermentation!

Genuine Health launches the next big innovation to the market, fermented Greek yogurt proteins+. The first and only complete fermented protein made from Greek yogurt, it’s formulated to provide maximum absorption, strengthen gut and digestive health, and provide 25g of fully-fermented protein from clean, grass-fed California dairy.

All infographics courtesy of Genuine Health
All infographics courtesy of Genuine Health
From the press release:

The power of fermentation is in its ability to amplify the nutritional profile of foods, so they are more potent and bioavailable. Fermentation unlocks critical amino acids for optimal absorption, promotes overall digestive health and heathy gut bacteria, as well as supports the immune system. The milk for fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ is sourced from clean, grass-fed California dairy farms that are highly conscious of, and committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and Genuine Health’s artisanal, traditional technique ensures that optimal fermentation is achieved. As a premium protein source, fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ provides nutrients vital to our health and has more than 6x’s the calcium of whey protein. Not to mention, its great taste and creamy texture will keep you coming back for more.

The product is actually powdered yogurt. Good health does largely have to do with gut health.

Here are some great bits of information that I got from Joy McCarthy (Holistic Nutritionist, RNCP CNP) of Joyous Health:

  • Greek yogurt accounts for 1/3 of yogurt sales.
  • The amino acid profile of this protein powder boasts higher levels of 7 of 9 essential amino acids vs. whey protein. -Whey is one of my proteins of choice when I buy powder.
  • Neurotransmitters are made in the gut. Gut health for mental health.
  • Better digestion = better nutrient assimilation = Better energy.
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I knew that much of the immune system resides in the gut). I'd forgotten about neurotransmitters.

Infographic: fermented Greek yogurt proteins+

fermented Greek yogurt proteins+

fermented Greek yogurt proteins+is available in two flavours: vanilla and plain & unsweetened. I don't do unflavoured (“plain”) powders. To me, they taste bitter. I like vanilla because it tends to be sweet, neutral and versatile. If I want a chocolate protein powder smoothie I'd rather add raw cacao to vanilla protein powder than use chocolate flavoured. Everything goes with vanilla. With this product too, I didn't like the plain. I LOVED the vanilla.

Joy compared the taste of the vanilla flavour to ice cream. I agree. It is SO delicious. A few days ago I made a smoothie with frozen cubes of pomegranate juice (I sometimes juice the seeds and freeze), a banana and Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+. It was so flippin' delicious. I've blended it with frozen fruit, and the flavour resembled frozen yogurt.  I've added some to my steel cut oatmeal. You could also use the product in buttermilk pancakes, as was done at the breakfast I attended, or muffins.

When I spoke with President & Founder of Genuine Health Stewart Brown, he told me this:  A few years ago when the product development was researching what's new and trendy in the industry, they noticed that there was a trend towards removing substances such as gluten and dairy. Genuine Health, however, didn't want people to fear food and so that became part of their ethos. Stewart said that if you take care of your gut, your body can better handle those substances that are common sensitivities. I agree. I have sensitivities that are sometimes worse and sometimes better. I also notice considerably that what I eat, and how much, affects my mental state.

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I was so happy to learn new things, rather than a repeat of what I'd heard before.

What was on the breakfast menu?

Melon+halloumi+smoked trout + koulouri. The koulouri resembl bagels)


Spanakopita with honey


Kayana, soft scrambled egg, tomato, feta & sourdough


…and finally, fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+ pancakes with bananas, pecans, vanilla, and maple

fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+ pancakes

Yes, the pancakes were as good as they look. Spanakopita is one of my favourite foods. Anything with phyllo pastry, really.

I also sampled the Cherry Almond Vanilla fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ bars.  I don't usually like protein bars because they tend to be chalky and/or too sweet but Joy was enthusiastic about these ones and that made me want to try them. My verdict: They are a bit too sweet for my taste, but they make a good quick snack and they're good to keep in a purse. I have been eating them, and have stashed some at my trailer, but I don't know if I'd buy them. You should try them if you have a sweet tooth. I do want to try the other variety, Cinnamon Pecan.

fermented Greek Yogurt proteins+ cherry almond vanilla

Genuine Health lives up to their name

While drafting this post in my head for a few days after the event it occurred to me: When I get my actual health coach certificate I'll have access to brands of supplements only sold to professionals for reselling. Still, Genuine Health will be my go-to for anything that they make. The quality is excellent, their products are widely available and the price is right. I recommend Genuine Health.

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