Getting PRIMED

I have a date written down on a piece of paper slipped into my journal:

August 28: Deadline to start coaching and become a teacher.

It's something that came through in a therapy/coaching/healing session on January 28. My cards were read, guides were spoken to intuition was listened to, encouragement was given.

…If this is too “woo woo” for you, indulge me for a moment. My coach's methods are both rooted in the spiritual and in common psychotherapy practices. (She's taken me through exercises that a therapist who was very process-oriented and scientific took me through.)

The message: “You're so close to easy”. She sees me potentially, eventually, being a full time healer/coach. She envisioned me becoming a teacher in the next six months.

So, on a slip of paper I wrote the date that it would be in 6 months.

I then removed the banner “Forge Your Own Path” from my home page. It's still relevant but lacks clarity. Originally, it was “Forge your own path” to wellness, because there's no one-sized-fits-all approach to wellness. However, there are some common principles.

I've had so many false starts in the last 9 months but I can and will do this. Those ideas in my head and on paper have become progress. I've had images in my head for years, like pieces of a puzzle. They started forming more clearly last May.


This website has become, and will be, very much brain health/mental health focused (with other topics that I'm passionate about, such as cannabis for wellness, sprinkled in). My 6-pillar system, which I called “PRIMED” is designed to relieve ADHD symptoms and also works to relieve depression (your mileage may vary) and overall mental wellness. It's also not an exhaustive approach, and there are way more facets that I need to shoehorn in.

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Another recent source of renewed inspiration:

My grandmother died nearly two weeks ago. She would have turned 99 in April. She was my last remaining grandparent. Her and my grandfather, who died 22 years earlier – within a week – were pillars of the community. They were philanthropic. They helped build communities through donations. My grandmother volunteered while raising four daughters. He was a doctor in the Canadian army during WWII.

That's inspiration to give back. To be someone. It's time to shit or get off the pot.

For now, I alone am doing the website and graphics, so it might not be the prettiest. I'm a WordPress pro, a copywriter and an SEO expert, but I'm not a designer. I have a voice. I have an angle. I have a desire to heal the world.

I hate saying “I'll do x and y” and not do them so I won't make more proclamations, I'll just do it.

I'm priming myself to teach people to Get PRIMED.

I'm healing others and myself.

I'm contributing to the world.


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