Holistic Cannabis Summit

Holistic Cannabis Summit: A Game Changer

Holistic Cannabis Summit

Have you had a chance to look at the incredible line up of speakers and topics being offered, online and at no cost at the  Holistic Cannabis Summit: Medical Marijuana: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Medical Marijuana, But Were Afraid to Ask? For decades, cannabis has been maligned, but the science and the studies support the fact that this ancient plant has incredible therapeutic value for many different health issues. Consider these expert interviews:

  • How Cannabis Can Help Heal the Gut
  • Why Therapeutic Cannabis Should Be First Line Medicine for Seizures, Not Last Resort
  • Cannabis: Is the Ultimate Herbal Medicine for Stress, Anxiety & Depression?
  • The Most Common Reasons for Medical Cannabis

This ground-breaking event will bring top-tier cannabis and holistic health speakers directly to you at absolutely FREE, unless you choose to buy the package that will let you watch on your own time. If you haven’t registered yet, why are you waiting?

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Here’s how the Cannabis Summit works:

  • You’ll receive an email each day (April 4-7) about that day’s talks. Open it daily to learn more about each day’s featured speakers.
  • Each day’s speakers are available on demand at no cost on each specific day from 9:00 a.m. Mountain (that's 11 a.m. Eastern!) until 11:59 pm (around 2 a.m. Eastern) the next day. {Convert your time zone here.}

Invest in the Cannabis Summit one, now

If you cannot dedicate 4 days to these top notch experts or know that you want to have this content for future reference, you have the option to purchase the Summit package now for the best value of $97 for online access only or $147 for online access plus flash drive. The price goes up on April 4th.

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My Holistic Cannabis Summit opinion

Getting away from the pre-written messaging…

I keep talking about how excited I am about The Cannabis Summit. I've been nerding out on this. The conversation about marijuana is changing. It's not nearly as taboo as it once was. It's medicine, and it's a way to unwind. Some people drink a glass of wine, others smoke a bit of pot. I believe that, like alcohol, pot is perfectly fine for responsible, self-aware adults. I see headlines such as “People who smoke a lot of cannabis in their youth are ‘more antisocial, violent and less educated' in their 30s than non-smokers” and think, 1) “Correlation doesn't mean causation”, 2) That's why age-restrictions are necessary, and why responsible use must be part of the conversation. I suspect that this summit will help with that education. I have friends whom I refer to as “functional chronics”. They're not burnouts, or anti-social (far from it) or violent or less educated. These are people with graduate degrees. They hold down respectable jobs. They have families, and they use cannabis to unwind.

The Cannabis Summit experts

I watch a lot of summits. I'm a summit junkie. It's one of the reasons that this website exists. So many summits have the same experts promoting the same thing over and over, or tweaking their message to fit the theme. This one is radically different. Really, it is. This is me speaking, not the summit's copywriters. You'll find information here that you've never seen before. Or so I gather. There are a few experts that I'm familiar with, such as functional medicine pioneer Jeffrey Bland, GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Ji, and integrative medicine expert Aviva Romm. These are experts whose thoughts about cannabis are unknown to me. There are several experts I've never heard of and look forward to learning from.

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Holistic Cannabis Summit Speakers

It's going to be way cool.

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