Medicinal Supplements Summit Day 2

Medicinal Supplements Summit Day 2: What Kind of Supplements You Should Take and How

Medicinal Supplements Summit Day 2Today is Day 2 of The Medicinal Supplements Summit, hosted by Wendy Myers, with Health Talks Online.


Today's experts discuss top supplements in depth: fish oil, probiotics, Vitamin C, food-based vs. synthetic supplements and minerals, like magnesium. Learn what kind of supplements you should take and how to take them.

To be perfectly honest, it's rare that I watch every single presentation in every single summit, in its entirety. There's not enough time in the day, nor do I want to. Yesterday I listened to two completely, and skimmed others. I took notes from slideshows for all but when I skim I read every slide. Today I chose two to watch completely and skimmed one.

This is a summit that I intend to purchase after the free event, though, and right now it's only $59 to buy. The advantages of buying: Watching the presentations any time. Having them for my resources library. The bonus gifts in this one are awesome. I read about and promote a lot of summits, and this one is professional development for me for if/when I take on some health coaching clients.

Today's Medicinal Supplements Summit experts:

Charles Livingston, DC, CCWP
Deep Dive on Fish Oil Supplements

  • Why Omega-3s are important
  • How to tell if you are deficient in Omega-3
  • Health conditions helped by Omega-3

Website: Perfect Origins

Jay Davidson, DC, PScD
Dangers and Mistakes Made with Probiotics

  • Common mistakes made with probiotics
  • When and how to take probiotics
  • Probiotics vs. fermented foods: which is better?

Website: Dr. Jay Davidson

Andrew Saul, PhD – Featured Speaker
Vitamin C Cures and Antioxidants

  • Megadosing vitamin C to kill infections and cancer
  • Ascorbic Acid, Liposomal C, IV Vitamin C, food-based C explained
  • Antioxidants: glutathione, turmeric, CoQ10, astaxanthin
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Website: Doctor Yourself
Books: Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works  (Amazon bestseller), Fire Your Doctor!, Vitamin C: The Real Story (co-author), and several others.

Shawn Stevenson, CN
Food-Based vs. Synthetic Supplements

  • Supplements with a connection to nature
  • Ingredient damage from heat and improper storage
  • Problematic excipients in supplements

Website: The Model Health Show

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND
Maximizing Magnesium and Minerals

  • Minerals as a priority in your supplement regime
  • Why take magnesium every day?
  • Best forms of magnesium

Website: Dr. Carolyn Dean
Books: The Magnesium Miracle (Revised and Updated – 2014) – or pre-order the second edition, coming out in March 2017, Dr. Carolyn Dean's Natural Prescriptions for Common Ailments and several others.