Rant: New Year, New You?

My New Year’s 2017 Post

The purpose of this post to keep with my tradition of sharing my goals, theme word of the year and Core Desired Feelings for the year.

Last year's links to previous years'.


My 2016 goals:

  1. Learning through training (also from 2015)
  2. New experiences (also from 2015)
  3. Be healthy
  4. Be a better partner

Did I reach them?

1.  Training: I finished up my training in transformational nutrition.

2. New experiences: Yes! I became a trailer park person for the summer. I hiked in new locations. I traveled to new places. I read new books. “New experiences” seems like a throwaway goal in a way because there's always new experiences to be had, but at the same time it's an important one to keep from getting stuck in a rut.

3. Be healthy: 2016 was the year I took care of my mental health, so that's a win. When answering the question “Looking back on 2016, what are you most proud of?” in a Facebook post a couple of days ago, my answer was this:

That I finally started going to therapy, figured out some of my issues and changed my attitude about certain things. I finally started to release what blocks me and to get out of my own way, which has been a goal for years. I got honest with myself in certain areas. For example, I realized that I WANT to be employed full time for the structure and regular income but I also want to work on my business(s) on the side. That's what “freedom” means to me, and all of that is okay! I don't need to subscribe to the idea that “freedom” means working on a beach. It would be lovely, but it's not me.
I want to do work that serves and helps others but I can only do that if I'm feeling healthy and balanced myself.

2017 is going to be so much easier.


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Core Desired Feelings 2016

Joy, accomplished, peace, lit up.

To be perfectly honest, I kind of shit the bed on these ones. It was a rough year. That said, there were things I accomplished. Things done and undone. I didn't write the great Canadian novel, but I took steps and 2017 is going to be better. I had joyful moments. Moments when I felt lit up. Moments of peace.

I haven't nailed down any for 2017 yet and I might not. Last year it was the CFDs that came to me intuitively. This year they'll either come to me or I'll go through the exercise.

[Update: My Core Desired Feelings later came to me after doing a couple of exercises in meditation, but I've decided to keep them private.]

Theme word

This year's theme word came to me out of nowhere. Last year it was ACHIEVEMENT, another one I kind of shit the bed on. (2016 was full of good moments, some minor achievements and a lot of shitting the bed.)

For 2017:


That means forgiving myself for what I felt I did wrong or didn't achieve in 2016. Leave it behind and go forward. Push through (welcome in) the hard stuff, because the fear of it is worse than the action itself.

It means being okay with the fact that I start journals and planners in January and abandon them by March. I buy excellent products such as The Desire Map and Leonie Dawson's Shining Year workbooks, and then abandon them, through no fault of their creators. Amazing products, but I can't get the habit to stick! My wishlist is full of planners that I'm afraid to invest in because I might not use them, planners such as the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change, The Five Minute Journal, also by Intelligent Change, and Passion Planner. I've had the evergreen (dateless) version of The Desire Map planner in an online shopping carts for months. Of course the best planner (the best anything, really) is the one you'll use. It's not right for you if you're not using it. I tried to mitigate the financial risk of journals and planners by creating my own version in Evernote.  I didn't make it through January. So, maybe journals in that format aren't for me and I need to accept it as an imperfection, or maybe I need to delve into why the habit doesn't stick.

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Going forward

I will share some of the results of a mediation that I did on December 29, looking forward to the new year.

  • My intuition told me to focus on the qualities of patience, consistency and listening to my intuition, for my highest good.
  • When I asked myself what other areas I should focus on, I got “health” and “friendships”. The latter surprised me, but not entirely.

When I subsequently did some free writing (writing without thinking much about it), I wrote “Write a little. Read a little.” [meaning every day.] and then I wrote the following in my paper journal, in light blue ink with handwriting that is barely legible:


Two days later I noted that 2017 is about renewal. I jotted down some stuff I want to achieve and reiterated “Write a little. Read a little. Every day.” as well as some of what's in the above image in the same words and others. I urged myself to spend less time online and advised that if I'm online I should be productive. “If I'm online and not DOING anything, get offline and read.”*

I finished it off with the following:

So that's 2017 laid out.

*Clearly, the “Read A Book Instead” wallpaper on my phone's lock screen hasn't worked. However, I'm pleased to say that a couple nights this week, instead of watching TV in bed before going to sleep, I finished a book – and fell asleep to a guided meditation, as has become routine.