A New Direction For Finding Health & Wellness

A New Direction For Finding Health & Wellness

A New Direction For Finding Health & Wellness

Over two years ago, I created Finding Health & Wellness and gave it a mission statement: Finding Health & Wellness is a website that connects people with online health and wellness events and resources.

The website – along with the newsletter – has been a great place to share stuff I enjoy. Except, I was selling other people's stuff, and not my own. I had no stuff to sell. I didn't know what to sell or to whom. I knew I wanted to help people with their issues but I wasn't sure how.

For years I felt lost.

Two years ago I ended a work contract and tried to be this “entrepreneur”. I eventually went back to work last fall, lost that job a couple of months in, spent the winter unemployed, and started a new one in March, shortly after my birthday.

In that time, and also prior to that, I took marketing and business courses from the best in the business, including Ramit Sethi and Marie Forleo. I watched webinars and summits. I read newsletters and websites and books. I had ideas and pieces of ideas but the puzzle was incomplete. I knew what I wanted part of my website to look like. (This wasn't it.) It was frustrating. I was afraid that I'd feel lost forever. I talked about it with therapists. I meditated. I prayed. I attempted to manifest. I had a lot of dark feelings. I cried a lot. 

After years of feeling lost, not knowing my niche, knowing that “connecting people to online resources” wasn't enough, and feeling that I had all these pieces but not THE piece, I found it.

It came out of my own struggles, My own issues.

See, starting my current job made my attention deficit disorder “flare up” in a bad way. It was a perfect storm:

  • Limited money before and after the income began, so I wasn't eating the ideal diet or replacing my supplements.
  • So much to learn and keep straight, so much to focus on. In my first month, I felt like I'd been thrown into a wavy ocean,  commanded to swim, and I was barely treading water.
  • The overhead lighting at work. Fluorescent lighting is a known cause of health issues and inattentiveness. 
  • An open-concept office with rows of desks with NO walls (not even half walls), creating a lack of personal space and a lack of boundaries. There are some people in particular who regularly have personal conversations nearby. I recently lost my shit on two of them and demanded, “Can you two take it somewhere else? Your constant chatter is affecting my work performance!” (It was a nice, professional way of losing my shit)
  • The constant rain we've been having – dark days, rather than sunlight.
  • Impostor Syndrome.
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All of my “gratitude” and “positive thinking” exercises were no match, though essentially being told to “suck it up” did make me decide to shut up and control what I can control.

One day it hit me: I need to help adults with ADD, using all of the training I have.

My mom deserves some of the credit here because she directed me to a book that's been released next week. The book: Finally Focused by James Greenblatt M.D. & Bill Gottlieb CHC.

I have long been frustrated by the fact that it's easier to find resources for parents of kids with ADD & ADHD than there is to find information for adults with ADD. However, I have first-hand experience and resources! I've controlled my own symptoms!

What's funny is that some of the advice we get about finding our niche is to look at what we've struggled with, but I forgot about this “struggle” until I saw that it was impairing my life. I had it under control until I didn't. The About Me page on this site currently says, “I don't have a big transformational story. I didn't have a disease that I cured. ” to start a paragraph about ADD, and yet it still took me this long to figure it out. 

A week after I decided that I was going to help other people with this problem, I was on Facebook gushing about how I was working on this late into the night almost every night, and felt satisfied by that, even when I was beyond tired and into cranky. When I think about NOT doing it is when I feel physically uncomfortable. The idea of not doing it makes me feel more anxious than the idea of doing it. My body is telling me that I have to.

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What this means for Finding Heath and Wellness

  • I'm in the process of redoing this website. Instead of starting new, I'm moving content around. For example, I've removed featured “upcoming events” from the home page. They will continue to live on the Calendar and I will often promote events by connecting them to mental health rather than simply using the content that's handed to me.
  • I am currently creating a 5-day free e-course + programs with a signature system. I haven't completely worked it out but here's how I'm picturing my offerings:
    • A 5-week live, recorded course (video/web conferencing), that expands on the 5-day course (1 class per week) with worksheets and a Facebook Group 
    • An upgraded version of that which includes 1:1 coaching with me. In order to maintain my energy, there will be a limited number of 1:1 spots available.
    • A monthly membership site that includes a book club.
    • An exclusive, executive option.

I won't have all the answers, but there are plenty of experts that do and so I'll continue connecting people with online health and wellness resources in that way. I will continue using my interests in areas such as eating lifestyles, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, medical marijuana and more, as it applies to my practice.

And what's strange: I always thought that I'd NEVER want to do public speaking but a few days ago, a voice told me that I'll be public speaking. It also gave me a vision of what that would look like. It came out of nowhere. 

It feels amazing to have clarity. I haven't felt this inspired and impassioned in a long time. I feel that it's made me better at my day job, which I intend to hold onto. Rockstar social media manager by day, superhero ADD coach by night.

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Hi, I'm Andrea, and I'm an ADD coach. I help adults (professionals and entrepreneurs) conquer their ADD symptoms to lead productive, fulfilling lives using proven methods and no bullshit.

Welcome to my world.



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