Newsletter Drop Tomorrow & Upcoming Events

finding health & wellness newsletter preview March 7Just a quick note to let you know of a few things:

My next newsletter is dropping tomorrow. A lot of it is content you'll find on this website, and a lot of it is not. I'd say about 50-50. In it, I've highlighted the following three events:

  1. The Eat Real Food Health Summit (March 17 – 23)
  2. The Whole Detox, March 17-April 18. I pre-ordered the accompanying book today.
  3. The Holistic Cannabis Summit (April 4-7)

Other content includes articles that I've read and liked, and other things I'm enjoying right now.

And hey, if you used to follow my old blog, Andrea the Gastronaut, I put up a post there last week. I called it, “Hi, remember me? I used to be a food blogger”. It's rare that I use it, but I will from time-to-time.

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