Tools and Programs to Help With Your 2016 Wellness Goals

Tools & Programs for Health in 2016

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It's the season for “self-improvement”. Here are some (of many) programs and products to help you get on track with your whole body wellness, your spirit, your business and more. Got more? Mention them in the comments. I'll add more as they hit my inbox and as I come across them.

Health and Wellness Programs

Julie Daniluk's Fundamentals of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

Julie Daniluk's Fundamentals of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
I've known Julie for several years and I own her book Meals That Heal Inflammation: Embrace Healthy Living and Eliminate Pain, One Meal at a Time (2011), which she followed up with Slimming Meals That Heal: Lose Weight Without Dieting, Using Anti-inflammatory Superfoods (2014). Julie designed this fundamentals course to teach you the basic principles – the fundamentals – of how food can harm you or heal you.

In this course you get:

  • 5 lessons spread over 5 days – complete with 24/7 Online WebHub access, daily support emails, and amazing video content
  • to activate your daily supportive learning emails according to your schedule – get into the lessons when you're ready (of course, the sooner, the better!)
  • direct access to Julie's healing detox programs – from 3 days to 21 days -for you to reset, recharge and renew!
  • to bring to life Julie's 2 best-selling Meals That Heal books to work for you – research and recipes in delicious harmony

Cost: There are three options. The basic free version, two $27 add-ons that include either a 3-day warm cleanse or a 3-day cool cleanse, or a $43 add-on that includes both. The description for that one:

“Buy in Bulk! With 2 fabulous detoxes, you get double the delicious recipes… and the opportunity to mix and match to best suit your tastes!”

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Diane Sanfilippo's 21-Day Sugar Detox


The 21-Day Sugar Detox happens every month but it's JUST been revamped. Diane streamlined it and dropped the price.

I tried doing it – the previous version – on my own, not as a group program, in November and failed. I decided not to do it in December because I wanted to allow myself the usual December Debauchery if I wanted it, though it turned out that I didn't “debauch”. My sugar and alcohol consumption stayed low. I decided not to do it for January because there is already too much pressure to get in on a health program in January and I want to focus on other goals first rather than try to take on too much at once. I am going to sign up for the group program in February. It will be over one week before my 40th birthday.

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Cost: The 21-Day Sugar Detox Online Program (available also with the books at an amazing price) starts at just $37.
The other two price options are $57 and $77, depending if you want/need to buy The 21-Day Sugar Detox guidebook and/or The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook. I already own both so I'll go with the $37 option ($51.42 with the insane U.S.-Canadian exchange rate).

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Dr. Deanna Minich Whole Detox for Women


Dr. Deanna Minich's transformational Whole Detox for Women program will give you the tools to improve your physical health and mental well-being in just one week, using her 7 Systems of Health. Whole Detox is different from other detoxes because it deals with your whole self, not just your food, but your emotions, mind, relationships, movement, and more. It is a “complete” detox which is comprehensive, but not overwhelming.

The program includes

  • 3 Live Webinars
  • Daily Meal Plans and Shopping Lists
  • Recipe Packet for Omnivores and Vegans
  • 7-day Whole Detox Workbook
  • Daily Movements
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Daily Program Emails
  • and more

Cost: You will get a prep period, program and maintenance all for just $97!

January 7-10: Preparation
January 11-17: 7-Day Detox Program
January 18-21: Maintenance

I think it's a fantastic deal, and I've been a fan of Deanna's for awhile.

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Paleo Plan's 30-Day Guided Paleo Challenge

30-Day Guided Paleo Challenge

It started 2 days ago but that doesn't mean you can't jump in. Here's the official description:

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands this year? Sick of feeling like crap? Want more energy and vitality in your life? Then join us and JOIN THE RESOLUTION to make 2016 the HEALTHIEST year of your life!

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$10 sale at Udemy

January Sale 300x250

Udemy offers over 35,000 courses taught online by experts. Every course is available on-demand, so students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device.

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From now until January 11th, over 17,000 of our courses are $10. No promo code needed; discount shows automatically!

Courses include

See What You Can Learn at Udemy!

Health & Wellness products

The Myer's Way


Dr. Amy Myers is having a sale right now through Tuesday January 5.  Sale items include The Myers Way® Comprehensive Elimination Diet eCourse, The Myers Way® 30-Day Candida Control Program, The Myers Way® Guide to the Gut eCourse, and The Myers Way® Guide to Gluten eCourse. I wish I could buy them all. Amy's website. I first learned about Dr. Myers via the Autoimmune Summit, which I liked so much that I bought.

Shop They Myers Way

Setting Goals and Living Life

The Infinite Possibilities Project

InfinitePossibilitiesProject-Oprah Quote

From Mike Dooley of Notes From the Universe.

Verbatim description:

This project is designed to support you on your journey to living your dreams, whatever they might be… finally writing your first novel, getting back into shape again, tackling that creative project you’ve been fantasizing about forever, launching your new business… This journey is designed to help you take flight!

And even if you don’t have a specific dream or goal that you’re working towards, by the end of these 30 days you will have:

  • A clearer understanding of what you really want.
  • An expanded awareness of how the universe works.
  • A deeper perspective on manifestation and your role in it.
  • A daily practice that puts what you’re most passionate about at the forefront of your life.
  • And lots of tools you can use to help you in the year ahead.

Sound good? It's three days in, but each of the exercises is short. There's no reason you can't jump in today.

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Cost: FREE

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2016 Create Your Shining Year In Life + Biz workbooks


I mentioned these recently in my Holiday Gift Guide.

Says the Shining Academy website:

The Create Your Shining Year In Biz + Life workbooks will turn your New Year’s resolutions from faded-out forgotten wishes in a month’s time into actual dreams come true. They are essential catalysts and companions to helping you unfold your most incredible year yet in business and life.

I bought digital copies of both this year. Last year I had the physical copies. I would have preferred the physical copies but I compromised 'cause insane exchange rate, shipping & a business launch.

Cost: Varies from $10-$65 (I'm rounding up)

Shop Here

Looking to Get Your Business Rocking?

Get Your Biz Rocking With Meghan Telpner

Join Meghan on January 6 for an inspiring webinar designed to get those sparks ignited and help you take the first steps towards getting your business rocking and rolling.

The webinar will cover:

  • Cultivating a magnetic brand
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • How to focus and execute your goals
  • Establishing a solid foundation
  • Creating demand for what you do
  • Finding enjoyment in the process

Additionally, on January 21 she'll be launching the Biz Rocking Insider Program. It's going to be an exciting one. 4 weeks to a rockin' business.

Get Your Biz Rocking

To be continued, because I'm on a deadline to ship this motherf'er today.
(Excuse the language. I've been working on this for hours and it's past my bedtime. I get cranky like a child when it's past my bedtime.)