The UnDiet Cookbook: 150 Pages of Wow

You might know this about me: I'm a big fan of Meghan Telpner and her work. She's one of my favourite people. I discovered her several years ago through the regular column that she was writing for a local newspaper, common connections were discovered (I knew her brother) and I became a follower and student, online and in person.

Meghan has been a huge inspiration and teacher to me, and to hundreds of others. I've watched her business evolve from workshops in her loft to The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. I was thrilled when I heard – from her mom – that she was writing her first book. She was one of the first people I told about Finding Health & Wellness and her encouragement has gotten me through some of the early days when I was feeling uninspired and discouraged.

Meghan's second book, The UnDiet Cookbook, is being released this week. Like her first book, it's beautiful and packed full of amazing information that will transform your life if you implement it. I received a preview electronic copy with an expiry date. I took a lot of notes.

The UnDiet Cookbook

Days later, when I read the following suggested statements for promoting the book, I found statements similar to these were already in my notes:

-“Meghan Telpner's The UnDiet Cookbook is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. It is a visual and culinary feast!”

-“The UnDiet Cookbook is filled with incredible recipes and even more! Cooking and health tips plus more resources.”

What do I love about The UnDiet Cookbook?

1. The style

Nuggets of information are beautifully emphasized. This stylistic choice is great for skimmers and those with short attention spans. People's eyes tend to go to emphasized text.

One such nugget:

Little changes in everyday habits cultivate little changes in everyday health.

2. What “UnDiet” stands for

In defining what “UnDiet” is, Meghan laid it out in a way that's easy to understand and feels realistic and attainable.

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“UnDiet is…seeking and creating the joy, fun and vibrancy that comes with living a healthy life. UnDiet is about being set free from whatever titles and labels we have dropped on ourselves about the way we eat, look, move, love, think, sleep and shake the jiggle in our wiggle. UnDiet is breaking free from the rules we think we're meant to follow…and doing what is the very best for our individual health. UnDiet is about questioning the paradigms of convention and breaking the rules so we can create our own. At its core, UnDiet is a simple, effective, bright side-of-the-road way to achieve optimal vibrant health and live the life of our dreams.

I shortened what was a long paragraph and bolded what resonated most with me, for this, my friends, is what the Finding Health & Wellness website is about.
(Might not be 100% accurate, as I didn't have the book to check against.)

3. The cookbook

Think you can't cook? The book provides advice to banish those thoughts.

Cute names for a lot of the recipes too are meant make them sound enticing, along with photos and short stories.

The chapters

Decadent Drinks includes Pineapple Punch Tonic, Green Trampoline and I <3 Blueberry Blend.

Begin with Brekkie contains so many delicious sounding recipes. I rarely eat solid breakfast but look forward to making Sweet Potato Zucchini Hash Brizzles, Breakfast Patty Whacks and Chocolate, Chocolate Say It Twice Pancakes.

Chocolate Chocolate SAY IT TWICE Pancakes. Click image for the behind-the-scenes story + recipe.

Dips, Crackers and Snacks: While I'm not sold on “nut cheese” (it's not cheese, and most analogues drive me nuts), the photo for TLT [tempeh, lettuce, tomato] Deluxe Sandwich with “cashew cream cheese”  made me salivate. I like tempeh with its savoury-umami flavour and texture. The fake cream cheese is listed in the recipe as an “optional” ingredient anyway and recipes are generally guidelines that can be modified to suit your own tastes. Slow Roasted Nut Clusters would make a good travel snack or purse snack.

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The colourful soup chapter begins with Flirt with Farmers Gazpacho, which makes a lot of sense if you've been following Meghan for awhile. “Flirt with farmers” is one of her mantras. The Miso Hungry soup is a winner. The Ronsonian Pumpkin Soup was named for her father, and pumpkins are plentiful and in season right now.

Salads include Takeaway Taco Salad, which is healthier than most fast food taco salads. I'd nix the olives and use real sour cream myself, or substitute thickened kefir for the sour cream 'cause when I make it, it's my choice.

The Main Event includes Quinoa Stuffed Artichoke, TexiMexi Magic Wraps and Kimchi Maki Rolls, with a beautiful Telpner family photo on page 82.

A chapter devoted to condiments teaches how to your own spice blends. Many store-bought versions contain yeast, sugar & other additives. I recently threw a bunch out under the guise of them being “old” and “off”.

Desserts: Almond Honey Brittle, Oh Wow Cacao Truffles, Crispy Rice Squares and so much more!

And skincare products!

This is me testing out one of the face mask recipes:

Unflattering, I know, but now it's out there.
Unflattering, I know, but now it's out there.

My dog liked it. After I took this photo I attempted to take video, which is when she decided to stop attacking my face.

Photo titled: "Seaweed Ocean Soother Mask - with dog cleaner". I was mostly amused, a little bit annoyed.
Photo titled: “Seaweed Ocean Soother Mask – with dog cleaner”.

The mask has a seaweed base with the option beween dulse and wakami. I like the taste of wakami, and dislike dulse, so this allowed me to use dulse I had.

4. More than a cookbook

The book includes menus for entertaining, including a schedule. It closes out with “UnDiet for Life”, which goes beyond food, because food is only one part of living an UnDiet life.

Another note about how beautiful this book is: Even if you don't cook from it, this can become your new coffee table book. Leave it out when your friends come over. Inspire them. Let the photos make you feel good.  It's not only the photos of food but what the food is served on, and the people and the places. Photos of Meghan's adorable young nieces will make you smile.

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Get The UnDiet Cookbook

The UnDiet Cookbook is on sale on Tuesday, October 6. When you buy the book, either on pre-order or after it goes on sale, you will also receive bonus gifts from Meghan. One of those bonuses is entry to win cool prizes including

I know which ones I want! After you buy the book, Follow the instructions to claim your bonuses.

To summarize, The UnDiet Cookbook includes:

  • Over 130 gluten-free + dairy-free recipes
  • Guidelines for stocking an UnDiet pantry
  • Delicious recipes for DIY beauty care
  • UnDiet on the road: travel tips
  • UnDiet Entertaining menus for every kind of soiree
  • UnDiet Health Tips
  • Cooking Tips
  • Healthwashing Alerts
  • 85 of those beautiful photos Still undecided? Sign up for a Sneak Peek.

Buy the paperback

I often buy Kindle books to save space and money. Meghan's two books are so beautiful, you need to spend the extra $3 for the paperback experience. You'd be denying yourself if you don't. If money's an issue wait until the paperback is available at the library.

I bought two copies. If I can find my second copy of UnDiet I'll do a giveaway for both.

Head on over to now. Get to know Meghan, and check out the details of The UnDiet Cookbook. Follow her on social media.

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