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Hi readers!

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that I haven't been neglecting writing/blogging. Instead, I've been writing elsewhere. I challenged myself to publish posts to Medium at least five times per week.

About Medium
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Why Medium, and why regular writing?

  • Medium has a huge readership.
  • I felt the pull to become a regular contributor to Medium, and an inner voice told me that good would come out of it.
  • Writing for Medium, almost every day forces me to put myself out there, and I've been pushing myself to step and be more visible.

From my first (public) Medium story, published there on April 2:

I’ve been feeling pulled to start posting on Medium. At first, it was a gentle tug, and then that tug got stronger. After reading some recommended posts (er, stories) via Medium Daily Digest, I decided to challenge myself to post five times a week for the month, perhaps longer than one month. Says my intuition, “Something’s going to come of this! Opportunities will result!”

Then, I finished reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Full title: Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person. In a Medium story about that, I said,

When I decided to start writing for Medium on a daily basis, it was part of this an ongoing voice and visibility challenge that I’ve been undertaking.

I play small. I always have. I was afraid to raise to raise my hand in class in case I got the answer wrong. It’s a confidence issue. I know I can be awesome, though.

I also said this:

I need to position myself as an expert and thought-leader. I need to write for consistency and practice. I also can’t beat myself up if my writing isn’t perfect or I don’t publish with the exact intended schedule.


Have I abandonded this space?

No! I will start publishing here again, and in the future – possibly next month – I'll write here first and then input those into Medium. For a nearly-daily writing challenge, it's easier to not focus on a topic or a niche. It's hard enough to write one post in a day. While I do intend to try writing multiple posts in one day (today might be such a day), I haven't had it in me yet. There was one day that I didn't post to Medium because after writing three cover letters for job applications, I was spent.

Those Medium posts get deep

You might notice that some of my posts there are quite vulnerable. This is because

  1. It's part of that voice and visibility challenge I mentioned- putting myself out there.
  2. I like to help break stigmas and talking about things shows people that some human experiences are common and okay to talk about, and it shows people that they're not alone. This is important in today's curated world.
  3. If I'm writing almost daily, I need to write what I know. It's way easier to write something I know well and about which I'm passionate. I wrote a story about bullying, and even though it was 2,500 words, it took me less time to write than any other post.

I have a post in my head about a health book that I recently read and about meeting the author at a book signing. I'll get to that.

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